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Pain . Posture . Performance

From everyday aches and pains to injury recovery and specialist care for athletic performance, Chiropractic is a safe, effective and non-invasive therapeutic tool on your journey to a healthy and active life.

Why Chiropractic?

Safe | Effective | Gentle

For Pain Relief

Back Pain

Neck Pain



Chronic Pain

Frozen Shoulder

Tennis Elbow

Injury Rehab

For Posture


Teenage Posture



Sedentary Lifestyle

Desk Work Issues

Restricted Mobility

For Performance

Injury Prevention

Injury Recovery

Increased Mobility

Adaptability & Endurance

Increased Athletic Performance

What our patients are saying

Matt has been my Chrioprator for many years, he has helped me immensely in maintaining my heatlh following sports injuries. I have recommended him to all my family and friends.

Earl B

"sports" "maintaining health" "recommend"

Matt is a superb Chiropractor, more knowledgeable than any other practitioner I’ve seen. I always ensure I have an appointment before every swimming/triathlon event to make sure I can perform at my best. Worth every penny. Thanks Matt.

Dean R

"swimming" "triathlon" "knowledgeable" "worth every penny"

Matt is a great chiropractor and a very nice person to work with. I have had several problems with headache in the past. In a few sessions Matt has been able to identify the triggers and helped me to reduce the pain. Very professional but also friendly and always available for a suggestion or a chat. I am really glad we met.

Cristina F

"headaches" "identifying triggers" "reduce pain" "professional" "friendly"

Absolutely awesome – Matt was great to have with us at the Le Mans 24hrs kart race, and really helped the whole team with a wide range of aches and pains!

Chris J

"kart race" "pain relief"

Matt has been brilliant, his work on my shoulder injury rapidly got me back into the saddle once again. Superb at what he does, very professional and a really nice guy. Definitely recommended.

Chris K

"shoulder injury" "superb" "professional" "recommend"

This man has Jesus hands! His soft touch relieves all pain! Thoroughly recommend.

Lottie OG

"pain relief" "recommended"

“Wonderful bedside manner. takes time to listen to any concerns and always is clear with what he is doing and how it is going to help! feel extremely safe in his hands! Would absolutely recommend! Thanks Matt!”

Dr Sophie B - GP

"wonderful" "listens properly" "safe" "recommend"

Matt Sutton was excellent. His friendly, professional manner and obvious competence made it easy to relax and let him work his magic. He quickly straightened me out and I felt the benefits immediately. As an amateur sportsman I’ve been treated by other chiros and I’d say Matt is one of the best. Highly recommended!

Jason J

"sportsman" "friendly" "professional" "competent" "recommended"

Matt helped me after hurting my back after the birth of my first child. Very friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend.

Vicki E

"pregnancy" "friendly" "professional" "recommended"

I had an excellent experience with Matt, after years of persevering with other doctors and physios. I was really impressed at how much he could do to help me. He really took the time to understand my personal condition and produced a treatment plan that really made a difference to my life. I would highly recommend seeing Matt as I am sure others will have the same positive experience as I did.

Chris P

"understanding" "positive experience" "recommended"

Excellent service from Matt. I had a very damaged knee after a dislocation that I though may well need some sort of surgery, and a bad neck which I was told nothing could be done by doctors. After my dad went to see Matt for his bad knee, he recommended I went to see him as well. Matt is great at explaining things about your bones and joints so it makes sense, in engineering terms. This makes you understand what he’s doing and the benefits. after 12 sessions I no longer suffer from neck and knee pain. Matt is also a friendly chap who makes you feel at ease. Highly skilled, highly recommended.

Alex W

"excellent service" "pain relief" "highly skilled" "recommended"

I had been seeing Matt for my knees and hip in the past which he sorted out for me and then when I became pregnant my hip flared up and I suffered with a bad back too. Matt fixed this with regular sessions even with a bump in the way! He was always gentle and kept me comfortable. When our little girl was born 2 weeks ago, she struggled to latch on on one side and with gentle work Matt sorted this out and we now have no problems with this. Thank you Matt for everything you have done for me and my daughter! Highly recommended!

Shannon S

"pregnancy" "gentle" "comfortable" "recommended"

Matt is a truly great chiropractor. I have been seeing him for years now. He has helped with my various running, climbing, and football-related injuries and sure enough I have been able to get back to doing the things I enjoy. He is great to see before events to make sure you are performing optimally (I have seen him a few times before races). Sports aside, he is also great at offering advice for day to day things such as posture. I really like his holistic approach to treatment, as he looks at the bigger picture. His advice, and the reasons behind his treatment, are always very easy to understand. I would definitely recommend seeing Matt.

Luke D

"running" climbing" "football" "performance" "understandable" "recommend"

Matt is a really good chiropractor. I have some old back injuries that I’ve compounded over the years. Matt seems to be very in tune with physiology, and often spots and fixes little imbalances which are far more subtle than most chiros I’ve seen in the past. He just seems to ask the right questions, and has a knack of finding and explaining everything in a way which makes it easier to manage the condition myself. I find I experience less inflammation and soreness after treatment compared to other chiros I’ve seen in the past, and I’m normally back to full performance the next day. The understanding he’s given me helps me manage the condition better myself – which means less trips to the chiro! Strongly recommended!

Domonic L

"physiology" the right questions" "proper explanation" "strongly recommend"

I have had my back problem for many years. Matt is certainly making a difference (in a good way!)

John G

"pain relief" "great results"

I first went to see Matt in January 2018. Back in July 2017, I injured a rib whilst sailing and by January I was still in quite a bit of pain. An x-ray showed a displaced healing fracture. Matt has been doing a great job getting me back to full fitness and the rib is causing much less bother- had I gone to him sooner it would probably be fully healed by now! I have since sustained another rib injury (on the other side) which Matt saw to straight away and which is no longer causing pain at all. He has explained why the ribs may be getting injured and has given me exercises to strengthen them to avoid future injury. Matt is extremely knowledgeable in his area and I would highly recommend him to others.

Jenni W

"sailing" "full fitness" "pain relief" "strengthen"

I’ve recently had treatment from Matt at Sutton Chiro. He’s helped me with several problems from my neck to a problem with my feet. Before meeting Matt I thought chiropractors just focused on backs but he’s been fantastic helping with lots of niggles from my head to my toes.

Kathryn W

"pain relief" "neck" "feet"

My sport involves accuracy and strength, Matt has worked with me for two years and continues to help me maintain and improve my game with the work that he does.

Alison Jones

"sports" "performance" "improved game"

I came to Matt with a lower back issue due to my bowling in cricket. I previously tried a back roller but this was a temporary fix. I felt relaxed and reassured and several sessions, my back improved greatly. I no longer have any pain, it has improved my wellbeing and my cricket performance!

Daniel L

“cricket” “performance” “pain relief” “relaxed & reassured”

I’ve had lower back pain for years – bad habits, posture, and ignoring my body. Thanks to Matt and his team I have gained movement and mobility that otherwise I would have lost. I am an avid climber and the mobility and my fluidity to move upon the rock is pivotal. My performance has improved and I have far less injuries. Attentive, knowledgeable, effective. I had tried other styles of treatment with minimal results – Sutton Chiropractic has the edge I was looking for!

Matt Langley

"improved mobility" "climber" "improved performance" "effective" “attentive" "knowledgeable"

I’m a keen triathlete with a physical job, having Matt and his team at hand has made all the difference. Over the years I’ve had lower back and hamstring injuries, which hampered my triathlon performance. His targeted approach to performance resulted in less injury time and increased performance on the bike & run. Matt is friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable – see him asap!

Steve S

“increased performance” “triathlon” “less injuries” “professional & knowledgeable”

After a crash on the bike which left me with lower back pain, I ignored it, and I ended up not even able to ride down the road! With Matt’s help, I quickly got back on the bike and competing again. His expertise and dedication to his work is evident, you feel safe in his hands. He’s been invaluable in correcting injuries and providing strategies to prevent those injuries occurring in future. His practice isn’t limited to the spine, he has treated me for headaches, popped out ribs, broken fingers and shin splints. I’m now able to spend more time training and less time injured. My performance has improved and I spend more time on my mountain bike.

Joanna Stacey

“Injury recovery” “increased performance” “invaluable” “back to competing quickly” “less injuries”

Our whole family sees Matt at Sutton Chiropractic regularly – our youngest (prone to chronic headaches), our eldest (sports injuries), us as parents (aches and pains), to our parents (mobility issues and headaches). Ben our youngest child: migraines from a very early age, with little success until we saw Matt. Just after the first few adjustments I could tell he was improving, allowing him to stand and sit with better posture and to attend school more regularly. My painful back when walking or standing for too long, repaired with the treatment, gently balancing my pelvis/lower back so my legs became the same length again which had been causing the problems to stay! Chiropractic has really allowed me to continue my career with greater ease. My husband joined the treatment plan when he injured his shoulder. He ended up with full movement of his right arm back and no time off work. Finally our eldest son Dan sees Matt for rugby injuries and continues to play at a high level without time off. We all still see Matt on a regular basis and have recommended him to family and friends. We find him professional & relaxing – which was really important for us and our children”.

The Hull family

“headaches” “ease” “mobility” “improved posture” “sports injury” “whole family health:3 generations” “migraines”

Matt’s treatment became my lifeline when I became pregnant with my daughter. I developed crippling sciatica & increasing back pain, could barely move very early on in pregnancy. I previously had physio & chiro care, but only got temporary relief. I needed a long-term solution and Matt gave me that. Matt is the most honest and trustworthy practitioner I have ever met and from day one I felt he had my interests at the forefront. He put me at ease, was honest about how he could help, the pricing and options for paying. We formed a plan together which got me out of pain and comfortable! After really only a few sessions I was able to move freely again, with minimal pain and steadily it subsided completely. I had my daughter naturally, with minimal pain relief. This wouldn’t have been possible without Matt’s care and expertise. I recommend Matt to anyone and everyone!

The Salter family

“lifeline” “natural birth” “minimal pain” “move freely” “honest, trustworthy” “ease”

When I found out I was pregnant it was really important to me that I remained in the best health with chiropractic care. Matt made sure me and the baby were safe and comfortable throughout my pregnancy. I experienced very little back pain during my pregnancy but when I did, Matt was really accommodating in terms of seeing me and resolving any issues. Grace is now 9 months old, and Matt has also been treating her to ensure that she has no issues with a preventative approach. She had a check-up at 12 weeks of age, as she was struggling with bowel movements – this totally resolved where medical treatment had failed. He is so gentle with her, but you can definitely see a difference in her wellbeing and happiness. I would hugely recommend Matt to all pregnant ladies and families. He’s fabulous.

Becky & Baby Grace

“hugely recommend to all pregnant ladies” “fabulous” “best of health” “safe & gentle” “baby care” “happy baby”

I have always struggled with lower back pain and this increased during pregnancy. I never thought I could have this sort of treatment during pregnancy but Matt was great and very reassuring. I visited Matt throughout my pregnancy right up to 38 weeks and received fantastic care throughout. I would certainly recommend Matt and all my family use him too.

Kelly Sayer & Family

“fantastic care throughout” “recommend” “3 generations of my family see Matt”

During my pregnancy, my lower back pain became unbearable early on. Thankfully chiropractic care stopped the pain and kept me comfortable until the end of my pregnancy. Also, Matt seemed to have a heightened sensitivity to what was going on in my body, easily noticing past injuries as well as identifying current problems, and treating them all!

Amy Taylor

“all over relief” “sensitivity” “comfortable pregnancy”

I came to Matt on the recommendation of a friend who has had great results. My back problem was really interfering with my life and my ability as a full-time carer to look after my husband. I had been to the GP and had previous physio all to no avail. Matt managed to help me and after just a few treatment sessions I had such great improvement and continue to do so. I would highly recommend him, he’s professional, very thoughtful, kind, and easy to talk to. Don’t hesitate to give him a call!

Lyn Cox

“great results” “great improvement” “give him a call” “recommendation” “thoughtful, kind, professional”

After seeing many different chiropractors who short term fixed my issue, I switched Matt who has now been treating me for many years for various issues including headaches – I feel my headaches are more controlled, less frequent meaning I’m living a more comfortable life, thanks Matt ☺️

Abi Mountain

"pain relief" "comfortable life" "treatment"

I originally sought care due to a very stiff neck which I have had for many years.

I had tried different Chiropractors which helped but their treatment did not suit me the way Matt’s does.

Initially I was concerned that the treatment would be heavy handed (previous experience), but thankfully this was not the case with Matt and the concern was very quickly put to rest.

I now find my head now turns as well as I can ever remember, with less pain and much less stiffness in the neck.

I have found the maintenance appointments keep my neck working really well. Proof is in the pudding, If I leave a check up too long my neck starts to play up again.

I have recommended the clinic to many people who have also had similar experiences, great success! It has worked so well for me and Matt works in a very understanding and careful way. There is really nothing to fear!

I always look forward to my appointments!

Neil Jenkin

"quick relief" "great results" "goodbye pain"

For quite a while I had an unexplained back problem which caused pain at odd times. My posture didn’t seem to be good either. I also had difficulty moving my neck, particularly whilst driving a car.
I was unsure whether it was just age-related!
I had resorted to using all the usual rub-in pain gels/creams to no avail.

Matt assured me that treatment would help these problems. I took his word for it and now my back pain has disappeared, my posture, which was probably the cause of back pain, is much better and neck no longer causes me problems in the car!

I wish I had picked up the phone and made an appointment earlier!

Barbara J

“posture” “relief” “age is not the cause” “earlier treatment”

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